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Have You Mastered The Art Of ‘Slow Travel’ Yet?

Remember, there is no rush. You have earned this journey, so why not enjoy it?

Travelling is something that a majority of us enjoy. The idea of getting to explore a new place is supremely enticing. More so, when the trip has been in the pipeline for some time and is finally getting to see the light of the day. Working on the itinerary, booking tickets, choosing an accommodation, listing down places to visit, all provide the much-needed fodder to be excited about something, away from the humdrum and monotony of the daily life.

But, most people are way too eager to get started with the journey and reach the destination at the earliest. Scurrying to the airport, clicking lots of photographs for social media, therefore, take precedence over everything else. But, what if we were to tell you that the future of travel is slow? And that the journey is, perhaps, as important as the destination?

What is slow travel?

As the name suggests, slow travel means taking things slow, and being more aware of the surroundings. When you head out somewhere, instead of giving importance to social media posts, and staying up-to-date on emails, take a breather and look around. Absorb whatever is around you. Take a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood, or opt for a slower means of public transport, just so you can enjoy the views and understand that you have actually made it to the destination of your dreams.

It is believed that the concept of slow travel branched out of the slow-food movement in Rome, sometime in the 1980s. The Italians were indignant when fast-food conglomerate McDonald’s opened an outlet in Piazza di Spagna. While the slow-food movement attempted to salvage regional food and traditional cooking methods, it breathed life into the idea of slow travel that emphasises on building a connection with the local food, people and culture, as opposed to doing just touristy things.

What it entails

Essentially, slow travel comprises enjoying a hundred different moments that make up a travelling experience. It is about being physically and mentally present in each of these moments. Most of us are busy and stressed all the time. As such, even when we take a trip, the journey goes by in a blur, and before we know it, we are disembarking at our destination.

So, the next time you are in a different place, taste it. Go out walking and explore the eateries near you. Have local food and interact with the locals. And not with an agenda; do not make it about social media. Sit down at a park and observe people. Do some writing under the trees. Take a ferry to someplace and enjoy the slow journey. In fact, don’t just stare but see the sparkling cityscape. Remember, there is no rush. You have earned this journey, so why not enjoy it?


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